• About me

    My name is Inez Kristina, I am a director and I used to live in Marsaskala, Malta before relocating to Viborg, Denmark to study Character Animation at The Animation Workshop. I am a recent graduate, and am currently finishing off a 6-issue comic Series called MIBDUL, as well as developing several other projects with varying degrees of completedness.


    I am very passionate about art, storytelling, music and film, and anything that is a little out of the norm.

    Creative risk taking is interesting to me, and I enjoy learning as much as I can from professional projects and life experiences. I really enjoy developing projects, designing, and collaborating with people.

    I have recently directed my first short film titled 'Cut It Out', which will be released in February 2021.


    email: inezkbaldacchino@gmail.com


    Cut It Out

    Cut It Out is an absurd surrealist character piece that follows Tara, an EOD technician (bomb defuser) who is guided by an authoritative voice to locate and defuse a bomb in a school.


    The bomb is unfamiliar to her, and despite her reservations, her supervisor leads her into a strange situation from which she needs to escape.

  • The Intrusive Mailman

    The Intrusive Mailman

    The friendly neighborhood mailman places targeted ads in your mail, and knows more about you than you think.

    I had the pleasure of directing this short commercial for the NGO EDRi (European Digital Rights) and working with a group of very talented animators and CG artists as part of a school assignment.





    Raw Materials

    A weekend project made with collaged National Geographics and an iPad propped up on a makeshift wooden stand, as part of a 48 hour animation challenge.


    An all-nighter experiment in Maya.